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The PSSA/Alpha Pharm Distance Learning Programme, developed by Insight Medicine Information, is well suited to meet the SAPC’s legislated CPD requirements. This enables you to source the necessary information to record the required CPD activities annually as well as keeping clinically relevant.

Staying informed and staying ahead of current developments in South African healthcare is critical for the pharmacist. In addition, the need to complete and record the required CPD activities annually is required for retaining your “practising” status with the SAPC.

Insight Medicine Information has a long and distinguished record of providing up-to-date, fact based, high quality information for pharmacists in South and Southern Africa for more than 30 years.

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Why Insight Medicine Information

Insight Medicine Information specialises in providing relevant, practical, distance-learning continuing professional development (CPD) programmes for pharmacists & related personnel such as pharmacist’s assistants as well as a Front Shop Staff programme.

The objective of these CPD programmes is to keep the pharmacy profession informed with the very latest scientific thinking in a practical and usable way.

Insight provides a broad spectrum of clinical topics such as Covid-19, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, malaria, HIV/AIDS, childhood illnesses, depression, menopause and dyspepsia among others.

Our CPD programmes are researched and developed by South African pharmacists and medical experts - who are opinion leaders in their own fields - to meet local circumstances and treatment guidelines.

Insight provides the well known and highly acclaimed Alpha Pharm /PSSA Continuing Education Programme which has over 2000 enrolled participants.


The Value of Continued Education

Feedback from our participating pharmacists emphasises the value the programme provides, the confidence it gives them to be informed and advise on latest healthcare trends and treatments and, most important, how to apply this newfound knowledge to everyday situations in their pharmacies or practice settings.

The programme is available in English and Afrikaans both in the printed and/online formats through the Insight website. Study the module, submit your multiple choice answers to the questions and receive the results.

This is the simple and easy way to stay ahead of the avalanche of clinical information in South African healthcare today and meet your CPD requirements.

The MD of Insight Medicine Information is Geraldine Bartlett, M. Pharm MPS.

The Operations Manager is Glynis van der Watt, Dip Pharm, MPS.

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