The AlphaDoc appointments are first nurse led where they will initially conduct all the necessary medical tests. Once the tests have been conducted you will be connected to a Doctor for a virtual consultation. The Doctor will be able to give a diagnosis, provide a script as well as a medical certificate if there is a need. There will be a friendly nurse to assist you throughout the virtual consultation with the Doctor.
Not all of our Alpha Pharm Pharmacies deliver. However, we have introduced our DRIVE THRU PHARMACY: STEP 1: Call in advance on (store number) STEP 2: Park your car in a designated spot outside our front door. STEP 3: Have your medication delivered to your car. STEP 4: Pay from your vehicle on a sanitised credit card machine. (Please call the pharmacy to confirm this service)
Generic drugs are a classification of medicine that is created of the exact same substances and formulation as products that were previously protected by product patents. This means that generic medicines are the same product as "brand-name" medicines at a reduced price.
Over the counter medicine is any medicinal product that you can legally buy without a Doctor's prescription. In a South African context that would be any drug scheduled 2 and lower can be bought from our pharmacies "over the counter".
Alpha Pharm has a nationwide network of independently owned pharmacies. Make use of easy to use pharmacy navigator and locate your nearest Alpha Pharm for great deals.
An Alpha Clin Clinic nursing sister will physically assist you the patient by conducting a full medical history and clinical examination on you, which will be provided to the virtual doctor, aiding the process.
Medication should never be re-circulated or sold by a member of the public. It should also not be thrown away or flushed down the drain. Contact your pharmacist or pay them a visit to find out about the safe and responsible way to discard pills and medicine.
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