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Own Brand is one of the fastest growing and most profitable segments worldwide, with most major retailers and businesses moving towards private label items in Europe, the USA and now South Africa.

Alpha Own Brand products were born in 2015, as a small surgical range under the Alpha Clin banner. Since then, this range has grown to encompass all of the major surgical and consumer, orientated products to cover basic patient needs.

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The Relaunch

The re-launch of the packed lines into a more streamlined offering with updated packaging has ensured that we have remained eye-catching to the consumer and able to make a statement within a retail environment.

The AlphaClin range was born to encompass all of the major surgical and consumer orientated products to cover basic pharmacy needs. The vast range of premium quality products cover a wide range of clinical needs from sports injury products, personal care products to clinical wound care products.

Steady growth year-on-year, with over 460 pharmacies countrywide holding a full range of product and a further 300 pharmcies stocking selected items. Producing an exciting product line for all ICPs to invest in.

AlphaCan has emerged over the past 12 months, ensuring that Alpha pharmacies can partake, via their own brands, in the emerging and increasingly popular Cannabis market too.


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Point of Sale

A huge push in point of sale, via dump bins, counter-top shippers, new wobblers, shelf strips and aisle wings are pharmacy inbound. Ensuring a destination point for our customers -  critical to you, as you benefit from far greater margins on Own brand products and peace of mind as the quality of care.

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