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Alpha Pharm was established in 1968 and started as a distribution channel for a group of Independent Community Pharmacies for the benefit of leveraging collective buying power.This co-operative partnership built by strength in unity set the foundation for the company to grow and become the Industry Giant it is today. Alpha Pharm remains the only true Independent Pharmaceutical Group in South Africa with the largest Community Pharmacy Franchise Network and national footprint.

The group merged its regional structures in February 2015 through the investment of Shogun Und Finanz, further strengthening its position and securing the future of Independent Pharmacy and allied Healthcare in South Africa.


Our Vision

To be the leading Independent Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Group in South Africa.


Our Mission

Our mission is to secure and support the Independent Pharmacy and Healthcare market with investment, innovation and personalised service to our customers, who are an integral part of our business family.


Position Statement

Alpha Pharm enables the Independent Pharmacy and Healthcare market to make their business more competitive and sustainable. As the largest Independent Pharmaceutical Wholesale Group in South Africa with over 50 years of experience, we provide a dynamic offering of products and services.  Alpha Pharm is the full line Wholesaler of Choice because of our comprehensive product range, excellent customer service, nationwide deliveries, true independent franchise model, continuous education, outstanding Alpha Clin clinic offering, marketing support and affordable Alpha Own Brand product range.  We now offer technology solutions through our AlphaConnect Mobile, AlphaConnect Web, and Alpha300+ platforms. Alpha Pharm has the largest national distribution footprint all supported by our extensive and experienced team. Alpha Pharm’s unique relationship with our customers is our strength that defines our position.


As a patient centred healthcare group, Alpha Pharm has invested key resources toward ensuring that our retail outlets meet the needs of each patient.

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Alpha Pharm is perfectly positioned to provide regulatory compliant Wholesale and Fine distribution of over 15 000 different products from it’s 6 Distribution centres strategically located across the country.

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Avoiding the one-size-fits-all model often applied by other pharmacy franchises, Alpha Pharm's Franchise Division ensures relevant differentiation wherever possible.

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